Endless Summer Projects :: Weeknight Party Girl Barbecue {+ video}

When is the best time to throw a party?  Now!  Tonight!  A party on the weeknight is the perfect way to celebrate your friends, your family, your life.  This party can be pulled off in minutes, here's why::

:: The marinade works in ten {10!} minutes.  If you want to leave it on the meat longer, toss it in the refrigerator for up to overnight.  So technically, you can marinade the night before and you're done.

:: Grilled Asparagus should be tossed with about one tablespoon of olive oil.  Or, even easier, spray it with olive oil until just barely coated.  Put it on the top rack of the barbecue and turn it regularly until done - about three minutes.

:: Sliced steak on a roll + chipotle mayonnaise = awesome portable dinner.  Play games with your friends!  Hold your crying child!  Walk anywhere!  

::  Play a game.  Horseshoes is awesome.  Horseshoes is dangerous.  Make your own game - it's easy.

You'll need
6 feet of 1/2 inch clear plastic tubing
4 - 1/2 inch barb connector

Step 1 :: Snip clear plastic tubing into 18 inch pieces using a pipe cutter or very sharp exacto knife

Step 2 :: Push barb connector into one end of the 18" piece.

Step 3 :: Push other end of the tubing over the barb.  

Step 4 :: Toss 

photos by Kirstin Anderson

This project is part of a series of projects that I'm doing all summer with my friends!  Check out their blogs for more fun summer projects each Wednesday! 

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