Fire Station 38 :: Before & After {the kitchen}

Last year my family bought the coolest piece of property ever - an old fire station.  The city of Seattle had moved out of the station the year previously and put it up for sale.  The hunt for official office space had already began so it felt like an omen.

The building was built in 1930 and designed by George Stewart, an architect influenced by two other Mission Revival fire stations built in the city built the year before.  The space now used as a kitchen was originally a two level handball court.  That was removed in a mid-80's remodel to make a reasonably sized kitchen for the firemen.  (P.S. They called the kitchen a Beanery.  Doesn't that crack you up?)

The origins of the Seattle Fire Department are super interesting too, but I'll nutshell it for you.  Seattle grew extremely quickly during the first half of the 1900's largely driven by the Klondike Gold Rush.  In the first ten years of the 1900's, 21 fire stations were built, including a temporary one on the University of Washington campus (super close to FS 38) bringing fire protection services to most of the quickly growing city.  Fire station building continued at a rapid growth - Fire Station 38 built to accommodate the growing population attending {and graduating from} the University of Washington.

The station was only built to hold one truck and three fire fighters - something that was not sustainable. So the city built a huge new shiny station just down the street from the old station that holds all kinds of people, trucks, equipment, etc.  And they sold this one to us.  Yay for us!

photo by Phillip Newton

We certainly aren't just sitting around staring at how cool the space is either - well, sometimes...  But mostly we are using it daily for meetings, cooking, video shoots, photo shoots, and parties!  Lots of parties!  

The Land of Nod came and tricked out the space for the children ::  Hank and Hunt borrowed a nook for a Better Homes and Gardens project  ::  I shot a video that is super awesome  ::  My sister and I hosted an anniversary party for my parents ::  We also hosted the preschool graduation and Lars's birthday party

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