How to work with children under foot {with The Land of Nod}

It's no secret that I spend my entire day with the children.  And now that preschool has let out, I am really spending the ENTIRE DAY with ALL of the children.  Most people assume that I have help.  I don't.  My help is Mr. Hedin and my parents who pitch in to make sure we can get stuff done but the biggest help is just keeping my children entertained.

That's where The Land of Nod comes in.  When we were commiserating one afternoon about how challenging it is to get an email sent and sound intelligent while also keeping children entertained they suggested they come out and trick out our office so the children can play while we work.

I haven't actually told you yet, but Mr. Hedin and I work out of a decommissioned fire station.  I'll let you think about that for a minute.

Yes, it's super cool.  It wasn't when we bought it.  It was only a super cool outside at that point and then Mr. Hedin made it super cool on the inside too.  But there was still nothing to entertain the children except for a few crayons.

Our biggest problem now is getting our children to leave at the end of the day.  They have so much fun playing at the station that they can't be pulled away for dinner.  It's a great problem to have.

Do you have children around your office?  How do you keep them entertained?  Here are my top picks for occupying tiny fingers without resorting to movies on an iPad.

Oh, and I promise I'll go into the awesome fire station renovation next week.  Promise.

Disclosure ::  The Land of Nod provided toys for the children in return for a few blog posts and some general love.  But since we love the store, the people, and the products, we would have done it anyway.  Don't tell.  

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