Jonathan Adler in Seattle

Last night I went to the most fabby little shin-dig in the University Village at the new Jonathan Adler store.  While I knew ahead of time that both Jonathan Adler AND Simon Doonan would be at the store, I did not know that the infamous Jonathan Skow a.k.a. Mr. Turk would be there.  I went a little fan crazy when he walked in.  I'd like to think it was in a good way - he was gracious at least.  Actually, super lovely.  I have a crush on him.

If you're in Seattle, pop on over to the new store and check it out.  It's a grown-up candy store.  I could have taken one of everything.  I picked out a few things for you.

P.S. These are iPhone pictures which is why they are dreadful quality.

Alexandra HedinComment