Weeknight Party Girl :: Fourth of July Picnic

Can you believe the Fourth of July is this week!?!  Are you ready?  What are you doing?  A picnic is a perfect solution for any weeknight scenario and it's I.D.E.A.L. for watching fireworks.  Here's why ::

:: My Roasted Potato Salad has no mayonnaise {because, you know, gross} so it won't go bad after a few hours of revelry

::  Watermelon!

::  Tea bags can be dropped in water and left alone until you get to the park.  Bring some ice and you have perfect iced tea

A picnic is not just for a special occasion.  A picnic is an awesome way to spend any sunny evening dinner.  Pack up your dinner and go to a park or your backyard or a neighbor's yard and celebrate the day.

Why wait until the weekend to celebrate?