Weeknight Party Girl :: Three Minute Flowers

I love having flowers in the house.  The best part of our new house is all of the cut flowers around the yard.  All summer long we have fabulous flowers blooming that I can bring in and fill the rooms.  A room just doesn't feel complete until it has a bunch of flowers.

But let me tell you, nothing bothers me more than flowers just jammed in a vase.  Blech.  It takes moments to make flowers look lovely - here's a super quick short cut to making your flowers look lovely.

The secrets to this method are ::

1. Choose flowers that are the same color but have different textures {I used roses and dahlias}
2. A cool bowl or dish {mine was fifty cents at a tag sale}
3. A frog!  It holds the flowers in place
4. Flowers like vodka too.  It keeps them looking fresher longer