Back to School {with Stuck on You}

Lars starts kindergarten next week and I couldn't be more terrified.  He's going from a tiny little school to a huge building filled with big kids and strangers and hallways.  I'm so nervous for him.  But he seems oblivious.  He's super excited.    

I decided that my super excited little boy needed a super new lunch box and water bottle to match his super attitude.  Super Lars.  

Stuck on You has a fabulous product that's personalized and practical.  His new lunch box is insulated and has a great little pocket on the top for a love note or an ice pack.  His water bottle closes the drinking spout when you shut the lid.  No more soaking wet lunch boxes.  Plus, super hero.

 My next thing to fret about with this new big school?  Losing his new coat.  I lost so many coats in elementary school.  My problem is labeling anything with a specific child's name.  I try to make sure everything works for all three.  My solution was to create a label with Stuck on You that simply says "Hedin Family."  I debated on "This belongs to a Hedin child."  But that seemed lengthy.

Are you ready for back to school?  Have you labeled your clothes, coats, lunch boxes, etc?  It seems like everything has to be labeled anymore!

Pick up your own labels at Stuck on You {} - you'll be glad you did when it's December and you haven't lost a coat yet!  And I can't even express to you how excited Lars is about his new lunch box and water bottle.  This kind of excitement leading up to the first day of school can only be a good thing.  {I hope}

{product c/o Stuck on You} 

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