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Jud turned two last week.  TWO!  I'm not sure when that happened or how he got so old so fast, but there it is.  He's two.  For his birthday he asked for a "Woody Hat Cake."  We're obsessed with Toy Story right now.  I spent a few days brainstorming how on earth I would make a cake that looked like a hat.  Then I went to the cake shop and asked that gal.  She had no ideas either.  And no pan shaped like a cowboy hat.  

So I chickened out.

I turned to my friend Jennifer Shea's new book and decided to try her chocolate cupcake recipe.  And then I jammed a tiny Woody hat on top of one of the cakes.  He was thrilled.

If you're looking for a book with amazing cupcake recipes + a few darling parties, you should absolutely check out Jennifer's book :: Trophy Cupcakes and Parties ::  it comes out next month!!  If you live in Seattle, you should go buy her cupcakes in the store so you know how fabulous the cupcakes will turn out.

Trophy Cupcakes & Party Website
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P.S. Mr. Hedin does not love dessert.  He took one bite of this cupcake, looked up at me and said "These are amazing."  Amazing people.  Amazing.