On Being a Mermaid

There are days when I get a compliment that knocks me off my feet.  The compliment is always the same "You do everything so well!"  Anytime I hear that I take a step back, I recap all of the things that went off the rails in my day, and I laugh.  I can't take it seriously.  The honest truth is that I am treading water.  Above the surface of the water, everything looks lovely.  All smiles, a big toothy smile.  And the truth is that I genuinely feel that smile.  Underwater, my legs are beating as fast as humanly possible to keep my head above water.  To keep the smile on my face.  To keep everything swimming along.

For all the rest of you who feel like mermaids, I bring you my weekend tribute to the mermaid in all of us.  Don't forget to float on your back once in a while to let your legs relax.

The Aqualillies Perform in Beverly Hills {do you know they don't touch the bottom of the pool? I'm obsessed with them right now}
Alexandra HedinComment