Welcome Q13 Tailgaters!

Welcome Q13 viewers and tailgate aficionados!  I'm so glad you came to our party and I hope this inspires you to create your own.  It's crazy easy to be crazy fun.  In case you missed it today, no worries, I'll post the video just as soon as it's online!

Here's what we did today and some resources for you.

1. We made pizzas in the shape of football {you can make them regular} on the

Pizzeria Pronto from Sur la Table

.  Since they cook in five minutes, you can literally have your friends custom make their own pizzas.

2. Sometimes you just don't want to cook at the stadium.  Bring warm sandwiches with you and you're done!  My cookbook has a whole section on tailgating that features

these awesome tailgate sandwiches


3. Since alcohol is not allowed at the actual tailgate {ahem} you can stick to apple cider - warm or cold.  But for those who are adding something, try

Brugal 1888 rum

which is the "rum for whiskey drinkers."  Trust.  It's delicious.

4. Cut anything into the shape of a football!  Brownies, cookies, pizza dough, sandwiches, watermelon slices, the list goes on!  A

football cookie cutter

is just awesome all the way around.

I hope to see you more!  Have a great weekend.

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