A tour of my office {at the Fire Station}

In case you forgot, my office is technically an old Fire Station that we've converted into our family work space.  The Fire Station office is amazing and bright and light and has a real desk and places to sit and think.  It's where I attempt to spend most of my "working" time.  Today I thought I'd give you a little tour of the space Mr. Hedin and I share.  Next week, I'll show you where the rest of my working time happens, in my home "office."

Mr. Hedin and I both work best in clean, clear spaces.  He built our desks using old office bookshelves as the base and sheets of laminate topped plywood for the top.  They are perfect because they are larger than regular desks - perfect for spreading out projects - and they make the best use of an otherwise odd shaped room.

Five fun facts ::

1. Mr. Hedin is a really good snowboarder and has been doing it for eons.  We hung up some of his favorite boards.  There's one more that still needs a home.

2. My dad used to be in the television business and we still have some of his old film canisters.

3. The polka dot banner that hangs above my desk was a gift from my friend Amy at This Heart of Mine.

4. The little framed picture above my desk is a picture of Pearl in front of the castle at Disneyland.  With her tongue sticking out.

5. Mr. Hedin and my first house was on a tiny little street about ten houses long.  After we moved, they changed out the street signs {there were only two "Tulane" signs ever}.  I stumbled upon one at a salvage yard - a happy surprise and a fun memoir from our first house.

They leave us without any space for storage, however.  Which is why the Andersen file cabinet by Martha Stewart for Staples is so handy.  It has the perfect amount of storage space for our files and any office supplies that don't fit on the top of our desk {at least, don't fit without making me crazy}.  Plus, it's a great spot for the uber cool semi-retro Megaphone by eri & is design.  Win - win.

Psst...  Want to know a secret?  There's one other place I work when I'm at the station too...  far less glamorous despite the fact that it's supposed to be "the glamour spot!"

Luckily, the Anderson desk has drawers so all of my make up and other "beauty secrets" can stay tucked away most of the time and only have to come out for a photo shoot.  Plus, since this room is adjacent to my office, I can pop in and out quickly.  I'll show you all of the back rooms another day!

Desk, chair, and file cabinet c/o Martha Stewart for Staples Andersen Office Collection.

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