A tour of my office {at home}

Yesterday I showed you our lovely office space at the Fire Station - today the space at home where I create.  

When we started to plan for our basement remodel, we knew I would need a space to craft and sew where I wouldn't have to clean up every night.  At our old house I had a space that was lovely - I was uninterrupted and could make a complete disaster without anyone complaining.  That was before I had children too.  I still need a super fabulous crafting space, but now it needs to be close to where the children are playing so I can keep an eye on them while I work.

I knew I wanted yellow in this room from the start.  I began by looking at a yellow floor, but because the playroom leads right into this space without a break, it would have looked weird to have it suddenly turn to yellow.  So I looked up.  Yellow stripes on the ceiling are so fun and bright for this basement space.  The only problem is that most of my photographs have a slight yellow cast...  Whoops.

I conceived of a table that would pull out from under the stairs to create extra crafting space when I had a big project or something that needed to stretch out.  I had no idea how such a thing would actually be built or if it was possible.  Mr. Hedin made it happen.  The table pulls out three feet total and can be pulled out as little or as much as needed when I need it.  Then it disappears almost flat into the wall.  Magic.

The other side of the stairs holds a small sewing nook and shelves under the stairs for notions and fabric.  Also, an editorial calendar for all of the work that I do + the inspiration for each month's project.  

There is a laundry area in here too - but that's another day...  

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