Fresh Holiday Traditions :: Gratitude Journals with Lulu the Baker

Despite the fact that I am knee deep in Halloween costumes, removing play dough from halloween costumes, and making jello shot syringes for Halloween - it's never too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving!  I've ganged up with my girls, Melissa at Lulu the Baker, MJ from Pars Caeli, and Jennifer at Classic Play to bring you some great ideas for the holidays.  You can read about how cool we all are here on MJ's site.

To kick us off, Melissa has created Gratitude Journals - perfect for remembering all of the things you are thankful for as we roll into a season of excessive shopping. {is there any other kind?}

Click over to Lulu the Baker and make your own journals!  Use the hashtag #freshholiday and show off your projects!

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