Mask Making at the Land of Nod

Over the weekend I hosted a mask making party at The Land of Nod and we had an overwhelming response!  I still cannot believe how many people came out to make masks and have a fun little Saturday at the University Village.  

Before the event, I cut and sewed fifty felt masks for kids to decorate.  I also cut and sewed enough shapes for the kids to go bananas with pieces - and they did!  I had dreamed up several animals and other creations before the party, but you would not believe what the children came up with.  Their minds are incredible.

My fabulous friends at Trophy Cupcakes supplied enough cupcakes to keep the troops fueled up as they crafted their creations.  We had such a massive response to the party that we ran out of masks after the first hour!  Luckily, the gang at The Land of Nod was super awesome and brought out their mask making kits.  I'm kind of in love with the mask making kits now - I've stocked our gift cabinet with the boy and girl versions for school friend birthday presents!

Thank you again to everyone who came out!  I am overwhelmed by your support and love that you chose to spend a Saturday morning crafting with your kids and lounging on the floor in bean bag chairs.

If you want to make your own felt masks, click here for my template.