A Simple {candy-less} Advent Calendar

I have done an Advent Calendar every year since Mr. Hedin and I got married.  I love the build up of excitement of the days leading to Christmas.  When I was just doing it for Mr. Hedin, I put little candies or a fun trinket - but with the children, I found it needed to be something cool that they actually wanted or I ended up throwing it away by January. 

But I don't want to buy more toys or candy!  Last year I bought a Lego set and divided it into 25 little bags for them to open each day.  This year, I decided it would be fun to have them assemble a puzzle.  I wrote a number on each day {and I did make sure it would go together in some reasonable way from the beginning} and placed the piece into a clear bag.

You could pretty easily stick these on a board with a little tape.  But I decided too loop the top over a piece of ribbon and string them across a chalkboard.  And in case you are wondering, there are three of these in my house.