Fresh Holiday Traditions :: Stamped Thank you Notes

Before I had children I was exceptional at writing thank you notes.  I wrote them all the time, for everything, sometimes even for a note received.  Somewhere, over the course of the last few years, I dropped the ball on notes. It's something I'm actively working on - and working really hard to make sure my kids start thanking people properly.  

As we enter this season of thankfulness {and over-gifting} I thought it would be good to create their own customized note cards that they will be excited to use.  Turning Lars's handwriting into a stamp creates something that's uniquely his own - but he doesn't have to write the same thing 100 times.  

You'll need
1 sheet vellum paper
Black pen
1 pink eraser
Exacto knife

Step 1 :: Have your child write "Thank you" on the vellum in black pen.  Make sure they use small enough letters so it will fit on the eraser {I drew lines}

Step 2 ::  Rub the edge of the pencil led over the top of the writing until it's completely covered.

Step 3 :: Lay the vellum, pencil lead side down, on top of the eraser so the image is reversed.  Trace the letters with the pencil.  The letters should transfer to the eraser.  Go over the letters with the black pen on the eraser so you can see them for the next step.

Step 4 ::  Using the exacto knife, carve around the letters so they remain raised on the eraser.  Carefully remove enough (about 1/4 inch in depth) so the eraser does not leave marks other than the letters.

Step 5 ::  Stamp on notecards!

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