Lighting the Fire Station {with Martha}

All of the product featured in this post was provided by the Martha Stewart Living team to celebrate the 'Tis the Season of Doing holiday campaign going on now at The Home Depot. 

 The week after Halloween is officially "not too early" for Christmas lights.  And now that's it's dark outside at 4pm, lights on the house seem perfectly appropriate.  Mr. Hedin climbed up on a giant ladder and started hanging tiny lights on the station November 1st.  I know we're the first one's in the neighborhood with our lights up, but hopefully we'll inspire others to light up the evening, even though Mother Nature has other plans.

In the spirit of doing more, this holiday season Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot wants to make decorating for the holidays more Earth friendly. Starting November 7, 2013, take your old incandescent Christmas light strings to The Home Depot for recycling. You’ll receive a $3, $4 or $5 discount toward the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified LED Christmas lights (including Martha Stewart Living LED lights). You’ll get a coupon for each string of old lights you give The Home Depot. (Limit 5 redemptions per customer.) The Christmas light exchange event runs for 11 days at all Home Depot stores, ending on November 17, 2013.

lights c/o Martha Stewart for the Home Depot