One of the people I have been the most thankful for in my career is my photographer, Jeff Hobson.  Without Jeff, I don't believe I ever would have been able to keep up with the demands of the magazine, to get through some of our more grueling shoots and I know I would have never been able to create a book.

Jeff is creative, funny, smart, and totally shares my vision.  Jeff also has leukemia.  He was diagnosed twenty days ago and has basically been in the hospital since then to receive treatment.  He's been away from his wife and three children.  But I am also thankful for the doctors at Swedish Hospital who have attacked his cancer so ferociously that it seems to have given up.

I am thankful that when my kids take pictures they are "being Jeff."  We love Jeff.  We are so thankful we get to be a part of his life.  What are you feeling especially thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?

Alexandra HedinComment