Queen of Valentine Hearts {non-candy love notes}

I love making valentine’s with my kids.  I love not buying the store-bought Valentines that are lumped up on the shelves and look entirely un-thoughtful.  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with exactly what that fabulously fabulous Valentine is going to be.  Which is why I was so thankful for my friend Chelsea’s post last month featuring her cement Valentines!  Finally I knew what to do with that giant tub of Plaster of Paris I bought before Christmas!  Finally, an adorable Valentine that both boys and girls will dig!  Finally, something my children can EASILY help with!  Hooray!
Pearl and I made tiny hearts using Plaster of Paris and heart ice molds from Ikea.  After the hearts dried, I set them loose with red and white paint and a lot of red glitter.

I may or may not have purchased an entire case of playing cards a few years ago because – well, you never know.  So we mounted all of the little hearts on “hearts.”  That’s right, I picked through all of the playing cards to find only the hearts for this project.  After my children wrote their names on the back, I loaded them into clear bags and closed them with a sticker.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Charm Hour :: Shirley Temple

I’m not sure why it struck me as so surprising that Shirley Temple passed away this week.  But it did. I felt profoundly affected by her passing.  Maybe it’s because she has always been such an iconic figure, or maybe it’s because Pearl has recently discovered Shirley Temple movies.  
In honor of this day, that is all about love and caring, and beauty – nothing seems more appropriate than the drink named for the darling little girl who brought joy in a dark time and continues to inspire little girls.  
I haven’t told Pearl that Shirley Temple has died.  It seems unnecessary.  Pearl believes that fairies live in the woods, that princesses live in castles and fly on carpets, and that Shirley Temple is a tiny little girl who tap dances.  I believe that Shirley Temple deserves to live amongst the fairies and the princesses because that’s the kind of magic she carries.  

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Feather Arrows

I’ve been feeling all kinds of obsessed with arrows this February.  Mostly for the obvious Valentine/Cupid association.  But also, just loving on them in general.  You can make your own Valentine themed arrows just in time for the holiday.  I think a bunch of these would make a lovely gift.  Or just a lovely centerpiece.  Or lovely hanging on the wall.  I’m into it.  

You’ll need
Wood Dowel cut to 3 foot lengths and painted black
Electrical Tape
Pink Feathers
Sticky Back felt cut into two hearts
Step 1 ::  Tape the feather to one end of the dowel.
Step 2 ::  Adhere one heart to the other end of the dowel.
Step 3 ::  Line up the second heart on top of the first heart and press flat.

Valentine Gift Guide

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