A Pumpkin Patch Party + easy dessert bar ideas


Years ago I hosted a pumpkin patch party at my in-law’s farm house. Everyone had tiny babies and they rolled around in the pumpkin patch and ate cookies. It was so darling. When I was looking back on some old photos I decided these were too darling not to share. Especially that little face of Lars?! Are you kidding me?

This party is also timeless. These babies can be tiny and eating sugar cookies or ten years old and let them carve pumpkins on their own. You can host this anytime and all of the kids will love it. Serve some spiked punch and the adults will love it too.

Hedin Pumpkin Patch 2.jpg

5 tips for a dessert bar

  1. Create a backdrop. It makes everything look more professional & like you planned it. I used an old Pendelton blanket (I have a collection) but you can use almost anything.

  2. Make your favorite desserts that you have tried a million times and you know they work.

  3. Fill in with store bought favorites. I adore Trophy Cupcakes and can’t think of a reason why I’d make my own when Trophy is done and delicious.

  4. Napkins! Plenty of napkins.

  5. Have something that’s “non-dessert” like a bowl of apples or cheese sticks or something that can take down the sugar high.

Hedin Pumpkin Patch 3.jpg
Hedin Pumpkin Patch 4.jpg
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