let's cook together!

Summer Cooking Class.jpg

I finally did it!  I finally posted a cooking class.  It's real.  I'm really doing it.  I have been nervous because what if no one shows up?  What if I forget to buy some groceries?  What if the wine is corked?  I have 1,000,000 excuses not to do it, but I've REALLY wanted to, so here it goes!  

It's going to be a full dinner class so come hungry.  When you arrive, I'll have small appetizers and a cocktail waiting for you.  We'll start by marinating a steak in a simple (and really fast) marinade, then we'll start making the rest of the dinner.  Once the steak comes out of the oven (yes!  steak in the oven!) we'll slice it up and eat it together in the converted engine bay at a huge oak table.  We can chat about what you liked, what you didn't, what we can cook next time, or just gossip.  Your call.  

Can't wait to see you there!

Ali Hedin | Cooking Class!
Ali Hedin | Citrus Steamed Clams