What onion should I use?

Ali Hedin likes leeks & other onion information

Last week at my cooking class we were using leeks for my spring minestrone soup and I was asked why choose a leek? I love leeks so why wouldn’t I choose one? In the spring leeks are amazing and fresh and so delicious. And they are great because leeks aren’t as pungent as an onion but they add a delicious creaminess to dishes.

I went to look up a chart on what onions were best where to send to the team and that’s when I discovered no chart exists! So here it is. The Ultimate Guide to Onions.

Weeknight Society | What Onion should I use?

I really adore onions. I like them caramelized, I like them plain, I like them in the summer, I like them in the rain. There are a zillion ways you can eat onions but here are a few of my favorites:

Alexandra Hedin