Charm Hour :: The JJ Special

Our favorite waiter at our favorite summer time restaurant left Seattle for the sunny skies {and acting jobs} of Los Angeles last fall.  We were sad to see him go, but I was more sad to see his signature cocktail go with him.  So I stole him away during his going away party to steal the recipe.

I've been looking for the right time to share it, and no time seemed better than OSCAR WEEKEND!  I know JJ will be downing these this weekend - and so will I.

Sur la Table Boston Shaker


Tiffany Double Old Fashioned Highball Glass

::  Did you see Jamie's guide to

where to eat in NYC?

  Pinned it, printing it, following it.  I've been to most of them - but not all!

::  Have you been following

Oscars Week at Meyers Styles

?  Check out the decor!  FABBY

::  My office is getting more organized this week and

these filing ideas from Lauren are amazing

.  And so simple!

::  Have you met



::  Popcorn + cocktails =

Oscar fun over at the Glitter Guide

See you Monday!

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