Charm Hour :: Shirley Temple

I'm not sure why it struck me as so surprising that Shirley Temple passed away this week.  But it did. I felt profoundly affected by her passing.  Maybe it's because she has always been such an iconic figure, or maybe it's because Pearl has recently discovered Shirley Temple movies.  

In honor of this day, that is all about love and caring, and beauty - nothing seems more appropriate than the drink named for the darling little girl who brought joy in a dark time and continues to inspire little girls.  

I haven't told Pearl that Shirley Temple has died.  It seems unnecessary.  Pearl believes that fairies live in the woods, that princesses live in castles and fly on carpets, and that Shirley Temple is a tiny little girl who tap dances.  I believe that Shirley Temple deserves to live amongst the fairies and the princesses because that's the kind of magic she carries.  

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.