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The Weeknight Party Girl got to throw the most amazing dinner party last week for a group of friends thanks to KitchenSurfing.  The usual problem with a weeknight dinner party is cooking the actual dinner part.  I've give you a few ideas









of things you can serve at a weeknight party that are simple and fabulous.  But what if you could have a chef completely cater the dinner.  And not in a "catering" way but in a truly special, unique, "there's a chef in my kitchen" way.

That's what Kitchen Surfing is - bringing the chef into your house.  We chose Chef Ryan who's ideas around local, organic, and simple were so similar to my own.  The menu she sent over was ridiculously awesome and we went from there.

To compliment the local and seasonally inspired menu I made a giant batch of my

Basil Gin G & T

and served it in my vintage ombre punch bowl.  The hilarious part about collecting vintage bar ware is how dramatically the serving size has changed over the years.  Five large fellas with tiny 1940's punch cups in their hands was awesome.

geranium ricotta on honey bruschetta

To go with the rest of the light summer dinner I had

our friend Matt

bring over a case of his phenomenal wine.  We chose the rose and the sauvignon blanc to pair with the fresh local flavors.  That and they are my favorite.  One of the perks of having good friends in the wine business!

I wanted to put something fun on each plate.  Since I had billed this as a "fancy-pants dinner party" it seemed like putting something completely the opposite of fancy pants was in order - in come grocery store chocolates.  Who doesn't love a Hershey's kiss?

my garden roses were in full bloom 

Summer Gazpacho

Melon, Mint, Basil and Pancetta Laced with a touch of chili pepper and Feta Crostini, cool, sweet and salty and a gorgeous hue. 

Crepe Pasta Ravioli

Spring Pea and Ricotta filled homemade pasta crepe, with Sausage, fried Sage and brown bacon butter with pea shoots and flowers

Blueberry Shortcake

Bow Hill Blueberries, Cream scone brown sugar short cake, honey whipped chantilly cream, balsamic syrup and honey thyme caramel.

I am so enamored with Kitchen Surfing.  The chefs are throughly vetted to be interesting and quality chefs who not only cook an incredible meal, but bring all of the ingredients, plate all of the food, and clean up ALL.OF.THE.DISHES.  I think this is a great way to celebrate a weeknight with friends.  But I think it's an even better gift!

You can GIFT a chef!  Think of the new parents who can't get out of the house for a date night!  Think of the birthdays you could celebrate!  Valentine's Day!

Check out and get a $50 credit

If you use Kitchen Surfing, tag it with #kitchensurfing because I can't wait to see your parties too!

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