Decanting & Aerating Wine

If there is anything that has ever seemed sillier to me than decanting and aerating wine, I'm not sure what it could be.  I pay a lot of money for the nice bottle of wine.  Why on earth am I going to pour the wine OUT of the fancy bottle?  Then no one can appreciate the label and revel in my genius of buying such a swanky bottle of wine.

But then I was introduced to a new fancy aerator and I decided it was time to grow up and figure out what the hub bub was all about.  I texted with my friend the wine maker, researched online, and taste tested {it was hard work and it was all for you}.

Here's what I learned.  Always decant a nice bottle of wine.  If it's old, there could be sediment in the bottom and that's yucky.  If it's not old, it brings out the aromas by being exposed to air.  If you bought a cheap bottle of wine, decant or aerate that thing so it isn't so "biting."  So basically, always decant.

Aerating is a quick and dirty way of skipping the decanter and leaving the wine in the bottle {hooray!  see my fancy label!}

Lenox Decanter


Waterford Linsmore Decanter


Riedel Apple Decanter


TRIbella Aerator