Oscar Parties aren't as hard as you think! {with Pop Secret}

Last month my girlfriend and I were out to a boozy lunch and we decided to host an Oscar Party - we've even figured out how to project the show on a big screen in the Fire Station!  

But what to serve...

Nothing goes better with movies than popcorn - and I love popcorn.  I worked with Pop Secret to plan a fabulous popcorn bar with delicious flavors and dreamy mix-ins.  I literally can't think of a better way to watch the Oscars and hang out with the girls.  Except for the cocktail - that's coming later this week!

The fun part about a popcorn bar is popping up a few flavors of popcorn {I popped Double Butter and Cinnamon Roll} and filling bowls with loads of your favorite candies, nuts, etc.  We even tried a few savory things and they were delicious.

How are you celebrating the Oscars?

Popcorn c/o Pop Secret

Photography by Alexandra Hedin

Styling by Jenny Batt