color love | green & blue


Blue and green are such a natural combination together.  Is it because of the sky and the grass?  Algae and water?  Because they live next door to each other on the color wheel and we all learned in art school that they have to go together if they are next to each other on the color wheel?  Who knows.  But it works. 

Ali Hedin | Green & Blue Love

My signature color for about one hundred years has been Verdant Green by Sherwin Williams.  I painted my front door at the old house Verdant Green.  I painted the floors in our current house Verdant Green.  I purchased 12 yards of fabric that's shades of Verdant Green in a stripe pattern.  I painted a stripe in the boy's current bedroom Verdant Green.  It's clear that with the new house, Verdant Green is staying.  I don't think I'd shake it even if I could. 


Ali Hedin | Green & Blue Love


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xoxo, ali