Weeknight Party House {a girl's unicorn room that can grow up}

Inspiration    1   /   2   /Beverly Hills Hotel

Inspiration 1/2/Beverly Hills Hotel

Do you know what’s a real trick? Letting your eight year old girl “help” design her room while making sure it’s something she’ll like in the long run - and - more importantly - fits with my aesthetics as a super anal retentive person.

Here’s where the disagreements are:

  1. She has a really unattractive hanging “pod” that’s hot pink. If it was a rattan hanging chair I’d be all over it but she wanted a cozy & snuggly one. There’s a chance you’ll never see it in photos.

  2. Pink. I have no problem with pink but not on all of the walls. It’s a little too much.

  3. Unicorn everything. Again, there may be things that no one sees in photos that she gets away with. Think sheets.

My goal is to create a room that she will grow into. I feel like some of the things she wants now she won’t want in a few years and I don’t want to re-do large things like repaint. We’re working on some compromises that will make both of us happy.

I think.

Ali Hedin | Little Girl's Room

Here’s how I think we’re solving the issues.

  1. We’re painting the ceiling pink. A very pale pink from Sherwin Williams called Charming Pink. It’s not the walls, you won’t see it from the hallway, but it will create a warm glow in the room. She’s happy, I’m happy.

  2. I’ll add a pink lamp and she already has a pink poodle rug, so that will tie in all of the pink. It’s also easy things that can be removed later or updated to seem more “grown up.”

  3. Inexpensive art on Etsy. She can choose what she wants and we can swap it out without guilt when she’s bored of it.

What do you think? Will it work? Will I end up giving in?

floor plan by David Coleman

floor plan by David Coleman