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a mother's day wish list
Photo by  Kim Hildebrand

Why is it that on Mother's Day you always end up at brunch?  Clearly, brunch is the best meal of the day, but brunch on Mother's Day is a buffet of over cooked scrambled eggs and watered down Bloody Mary's.  I'm looking for a weekend somewhere sunny instead.  The children can come - after all, I'm not a mother with out them - but maybe they can be on the other side of the beach?

Ali Hedin | Mother's Day Wish list
lucky rainbows | simple DIY st. patrick's day shirts
Ali Hedin | DIY Rainbow Lucky Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

Lucky you! I started making shirts for my kids years ago before Target was flooded with a t-shirt for every holiday.  It's become a bit of a tradition.  Mainly just for Valentine's and St. Patricks at this point, but that doesn't mean I won't take full advantage of some silly reason to make custom t-shirts for the the gang.  

Mostly I make them because I luurrvvee when we match.  It's my favorite!  When we can all line up and wear the same shirt - it's so stinking cute! It's like a Hanna Anderson ad, but for t-shirts.  Since Target has yet to see my vision, I make them myself.  

Ali Hedin | DIY Rainbow Lucky Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

The most challenging part of these is cutting out the template.  I use freezer paper for the template because it cuts out really easily and you can iron it on to the shirt so it sticks and forms a perfect template.  You can use sticker paper or stencil paper too - freezer paper is a cheap and easy option!  

Ali Hedin | DIY Rainbow Lucky Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

May these shirts bring you and your little leprechauns much luck!

Ali Hedin | St. Patrick's Day Shirts

An Instagram Year

Looking back on my Instagram photos from the past year I can't believe what a FUN year it was!  I spent loads of real life time with online friends, had fun adventures with my children, met STEVEN TYLER, and put my liver through the wringer.

All in all - it was a great year.

I'll be taking a little break until after Christmas to hang out with my family and generally revel in the holiday.  But I will still be on Instagram.  

Follow along

!  Can't wait to party with you!

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The Perfect Christmas Tree {at Swansons Nursery}

For the last three, maybe four years, we have had a fake white tree.  It's dreamy and lovely.  

You can see it here

.  I love it.  I bought it a few years ago when I was craving something different.

Last year I started to feel like my children were missing out on the experience of going out and choosing a tree.  But if you've ever chosen a tree with me, then you know it's a long and frustrating situation.  Then add Mr. Hedin into the picture - he was a forestry major in college and also a bit picky.  Together we can be there for hours choosing a tree.

This year I started bracing myself for choosing a live tree with our children around Halloween.  Maybe a little earlier.  I was not interested in spending hours at a lot trying to find the perfect tree while herding three children.  There's a reason why I love the fake white tree.


I found out about

Swansons Nursery's

new program that they literally call

Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

.  Here's how it works ::

- Use the hashtag #heyswansons on Twitter or post on their

Facebook wall

with what you are looking for.

- They will get back to you and work out details

- Head into the nursery to check out what they picked for you.  Ours was perfect right out of the gate.

Not only was this the easiest tree choosing experience that I've literally ever had in my life, there are also reindeer at Swansons and a camel.  So we made an afternoon of it.  It was lovely.

It wasn't until we got home and started decorating the tree that I realized how exciting this tree was.  We haven't had most of our Christmas tree ornaments on a tree ever.  Literally.  Ever.  When ever we go on a trip, I buy a new ornament.  Something that serves as a momento from the trip and not something that has to sit out all the time.  It's been a really fun way to remember all of the fun we've had together.  The above glass Santa is from Venice.  Below is a streetcar from San Francisco.

Don't worry, the white tree is up too.

Tree ℅ Swansons Nursery