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Weeknight Dinner :: Bahn Mi Sandwiches

One of my favorite lunches is a Bahn Mi from the local Vietnamese deli.  I totally dig it.  I started making it for dinner because I discovered that if I tell my kids the pork is chicken, they'll eat it.  Plus, they'll eat bread and pickles.  So it's basically a win for all of us.  

Get the recipe for Bahn Mi Sandwiches here.  Bonus - it takes about twenty minutes {as long as you don't forget you're toasting the bread and have to start that all over again}.

Weeknight Dinner :: Five Minute Teriyaki Sauce

My family loves take-out-teriyaki.  But I noticed that my rings don't fit the morning after take-out-teriyaki.  Which makes me not love take-out-teriyaki.  So I figured out how to make our own teriyaki sauce that has just a little less sodium.  If you aren't a fan of corn starch, you can leave it out - but it will never thicken up without it.  

Add cooked chicken + rice and dinner is done.  That's in under a half an hour for those of you who are counting.  Or those of you who stayed at work until 6pm.  

Happy dinner.

Weeknight Dinner :: Burger Bar

Earlier this summer we had eaten so many burgers I thought if I ever looked at another burger again I would gag.  But then we made them a little more interesting.  If your summer dinners are starting to make you gag, hopefully this will provide some inspiration for making it through the last few months of grilling season.  

Charm Hour :: Sorbet Cocktail
There is no finer way to cap off an ice cream social than with a Sorbet Cocktail.  It's simply sorbet in the bottom of a champagne flute topped with your favorite champagne, prosecco, or sparkling wine.  I am currently digging Sofia Blanc de Blancs with blood orange sorbet.  What's your choice?

Have a fabulous Friday!  And if you want even MORE ice cream, West Elm is hosting an Ice Cream Social this Saturday, August 10th from 1-3pm at the Seattle Westlake location serving {my personal favorite} Molly Moon Ice Cream!  Hooray for Ice Cream!

Inspired by an Ice Cream Social

Have you had an ice cream social yet?!  It's the ultimate way to celebrate these last few days of summer.  In case you need a little more inspiration, you can check out my pinterest board with everything ice-cream-y.  

ONE ::  Martha Celebrations Paper Strip Garland in Scarlet
TWO ::  Martha Celebrations Giant Round Balloons in Pink
THREE ::  Polka Dot Glasses vintage {Find similar here at Fishes Eddy}
FOUR :: Sofia Blanc de Blancs
FIVE ::  Anthropologie's Mini Latte Bowls

And don't forget to watch the video!  It's so easy to throw an ice cream social.  You could even do it tonight.

Weeknight Dinner :: Crab Cakes

Yesterday morning our internet went out.  It was out for ages.  AGES.  It literally felt like all day - even though it was only out for a few hours.  So I spent the rest of the day being crabby.  Appropriately enough, we had crab for dinner.  Now you can too.  Fabby little crab cakes take the crabbiness out of the crabbiest of days.  Even if your internet is out.

Step 1 :: Make large crab cakes using my crab cake recipe from the website
Step 2 :: Mix up a little dressing {see above}
Step 3 :: Serve over spinach

Done.  Weeknight dinner accomplished.