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Firework Tablecloth

I can't tell you to do this project.  It's crazy messy, not entirely kid-friendly, and it takes an eternity to dry.  But I had the idea for this project and I became obsessed when it started not working the way I envisioned.  Then it turned out cool.  And maybe you are as crazy as I am?

I started with water based paint, water balloons, and a gang of willing kids to throw balloons at a tablecloth.  But it didn't work.  

So I tried a tennis ball dipped in paint.  

And food coloring.

Finally, I broke down and bought oil paint.  I did not want to use oil paint because I did not want my children anywhere near oil paint.  And if I don't, I'm sure you don't either.  After doing this project so many times with every other kind of paint, I knew it would get messy.  And it did.  My hands looked awful and it took forever to wash off.  

But I finally got it to look the way I wanted and it's incredibly therapeutic to throw water balloons at a hard surface.

If you want to take the leap and create your own Firework Tablecloth for the Fourth of July, here's how to do it.

You'll need

1 white tablecloth

water balloons

water balloon filler

oil paint

plastic syringe {available at the drug store}

Step 1  ::  Fill water balloons with ½ teaspoon paint and top off with water.

Step 2  ::  Set tablecloth on a hard surface outside.

Step 3  ::  Throw water balloons at the tablecloth until it looks the way you like. 

Step 4  ::  Let dry {takes about 72 hours}

This project is a part of 

Endless Summer Projects

, a collaboration between Alexandra Hedin, 

Classic Play

Pars Caeli,

Lulu the Baker

, and 

This Heart of Mine 

to bring you fabulous summer projects for the whole family for the whole summer. 

We took pictures of the first failed attempt, click through the jump to see them.  It was really fun.

Father's Day :: Monogrammed Barware

With Father's Day fast approaching, the struggle for what to get for Mr. Hedin wages on.  The dads in my life tend to buy themselves the things they need and aren't interested in excess stuff - thus making gift giving nearly impossible.  Luckily, there is always room at the bar for a new glass - especially when their kids made them.  

Lars helped me make these and they were incredibly simple.  And he is incredibly proud of them.  Which makes this a win win.  Plus, it's a great excuse for a crazy good cocktail {try this one}.  

You'll need

Adhesive Stencil Film

Glass Barware


Glass Paint

Step 1 :: 

Clean glass surface completely

Step 2 ::  

Cut out letter or shape from the adhesive stencil material and adhere to the glass

Step 3  ::  

Lightly apply paint using the q-tip.  Don't add too much!

Step 4  :: 

 Immediately remove the stencil and allow paint to dry.  Follow paint instructions to set paint.  

February Funfetti :: Funfetti Heart Shirt

I make my kids a lot of shirts.  This year I decided to let them pitch in and help me make something fun to celebrate Valentine's Day.

You'll need
1 t-shirt
4-6 colors fabric paint
4-6 pencils
freezer paper

Step 1 :: Cut heart shape from freezer paper to fit on the front of the chosen t-shirt.
Step 2 :: Press shirt to remove all wrinkles.  Iron on freezer paper shape over where you want the heart to end up.
Step 3 :: Place pencil eraser in paint and stamp evenly over shirt.  Let dry. 
Step 4 :: Keep stamping paint colors with pencil erasers allowing paint to dry between each layer.
Step 5 :: Remove stencil and set paint according to paint instructions (mine goes in the dryer for  10 minutes)

Click through to watch me make this shirt on Q13 Fox with Kaci!

November Knit :: Knit Pumpkin

I like having pumpkins around this time of year.  But orange pumpkins are so "halloween" that I can't handle them after October.  In honor of the month of November Knit I crafted a few pumpkins out of old sweater sleeves and twigs.  This could not be easier.  

You'll need
1 old sweater (with sleeves)
Needle + thread
Hot glue + hot glue gun
a twig

Step 1 :: Cut off part of the sleeve of the sweater.  A traditional mens large sweater is about a 5 inch width sleeve.  You'll need eight inches in length.  (the ratio is 8 inch length :: 5 inch width and it works scaled down 7 inch length :: 4 inch width, etc.)
Step 2 :: Using the needle and thread, stitch loosely across one end of the sleeve length (a basting stitch).  Pull the threads at the end gently to close the hole.  Tie off the ends and knot them.
Step 3 :: Repeat the basting stitch on the other end but do not close the hole.  When the stitch is done, fill the sleeve with batting until it's loosely packed.
Step 4 :: Pull the threads on the open end to close and knot them.
Step 5 :: Tuck in the loose "frilly" top on each end.
Step 6 :: Cut a length of a one inch twig to look cute on the pumpkin.  Using hot glue, place the twig in the center of the button and push hard down to catch the bottom 'button' in the glue.  Hold briefly until the glue dries.

Easy and Easier Fourth of July Ideas
Did you watch my segment on KOMO 4?  Here are the ideas I showed you for your "oops I forgot to get something" Fourth of July parties.

:: Cheater Cheater Recipes ::

Fried Chicken Salad
4 cups shredded fried chicken
1 cup canned corn (about one can)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup chopped tomatoes
4 cups lettuce mix
ranch dressing

Mix together all ingredients and toss with dressing.  

Cowboy Caviar
1 can corn (drained)
1 can black beans (drained)
1 cup chopped tomatoes (or one can diced tomatoes)
1 can El Pato sauce
1/4 cup chopped cilantro

Toss together all ingredients and serve with tortilla chips.
Craft it :: Outdoor Curtains
For the Fabulous Bridal Shower we hosted over the weekend, we needed something that would have a big impact.  I spent days pouring over images to find something that seemed fun, festive, and colorful.

I started with the idea that I would use fabric as a canopy in the style of Norma's at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.  I love that space and thought it would be really cool to bring it into Seattle.

Problem :: While I can easily tie one end off to the house, the other end has nothing to attach too.  Except the pear tree.  And since I think the pear tree's days are numbered anyway, I didn't want to push it.  So I needed to find another solution.

Scanning through Lonny Magazine, I found another image.  And one that I could actually possibly create.
image from Lonny Magazine

Problem :: It's a lot of fabric.  Plus this one is by a pool, which I am certainly not... and I didn't see myself creating an entire tent out of fabric, but just the curtain part seemed do-able, and festive.  And now that all of the fabric is done I can start to work with it to make something new too.  Like a tent??

Here's how I made ours.

Seattle Recreational Fabrics sells loads of canvas and other fabulous outdoor fabrics.  I chose a canvas sheeting that was a 120" width.  I was pretty sure I would end up cutting the fabric, but I wasn't sure what size so I started with the biggest I could find.  

I laid the fabric out on the lawn and used blue tape to determine the stripes.  Yes, they aren't perfectly even.  It's what it is.

Next, paint.  Our colors were pink and orange, inspired by candy we saw in the window at the Confectionary weeks before.  Alternating little stripe/big stripe with the pink and orange paint I worked my way across the canvas.  It actually didn't take that long.  I wasn't worried about it being 'exact' just covering the canvas completely within the stripe. 

I let it dry 24 hours, then put in the grommets.  If you haven't used grommets before you have no idea how simple this 'finishing touch' is.  They are beyond easy.  I could even do them with my "helpers" assisting me.

To hang it up, I used the clips that are for attaching Christmas lights to gutters and added some streamers and paper lanterns for added flair.  I am thinking about leaving them up all summer.  Don't tell Mr. Hedin who is anxious to be rid of the bright pink...
Craft It :: Budweiser lights

Am I the only one who saw the ad for the limited edition Budweiser cans and thought "I need to make something out of that!"  I am?  Oh, well they are perfect for the Fourth of July because of their festive Americana design.  

I gave Mr. Hedin the hard task of emptying ten cans - my cousin and his girlfriend assisted.  Because I am not trusted with sharp objects right now, Mr. Hedin also ended up being the 'creator' of my light string masterpiece.  

I think my mom was horrified to have this hanging across the front of the beach house, but it was certainly a conversation starter!  

You'll need:
10 light string of bulb lights with clips
10 empty cans of Budweiser
X-acto knife
Super glue

Step 1 :: Drink the beer
Step 2 :: Cut out the top and bottom of the can with the x-acto knife (BE CAREFUL!)
Step 3 :: Clip light onto edge of can
Step 4 :: Dab glue under the light clip and reattach clip
Step 5 :: Let dry

Fourth of July countdown :: Day 2

I think a buffet is ubiquitous with the Fourth of July.  Big crowds, lots of food, and - often - potlucks mean one large table in the middle of the room somewhere.  Cover it with something fun and clever and make my new tablecloth!  This is so easy your kids can help (mine did) and feel proud that they contributed something to the celebration.

I've even put together a little step by step video to show you just how easy this is!