Charm Hour :: Jungle Juice


I made this for Lars's birthday party.  For the parents, of course, but still it was for a three year old birthday party - I realize it's probably not the 'normal' choice - but it was a hit.  Most parents still stuck around and boy were they thrilled.

Which is exactly why I thought of making this recipe today because I am thrilled to be hosting my friend


and her family for dinner tonight at the station.  Be prepared for lots of Instagrams from both of us {

follow me here


Melissa here

}.  She's in town for the weekend with her family so we get to hang out for a night.  I can't wait!

There were lots of cool things my friends did this week around the webs.

::  Kam is keeping it real by

saying all of the things

the rest of us mothers live through daily.

::  MJ gave spring

cleaning tips for a mudroom

.  My question is, when do I get a mudroom?

::  Ashley is making

me miss summer

.  And Palm Springs.  And skirts.

::  The girls at Style Me Pretty paired those

cute glasses you registered for with actual cocktails

to put in them!  And who couldn't use a new cocktail recipe?

::  MJ also made a

cool paper daffodil wreath

with her kids.  Love!

See you Monday!