party house master bed inspiration

Ali Hedin | Master Bedroom Inspiration

The master bedroom is actually a totally new added on space.  We have a lovely view from our back windows and we can take advantage of it by going up a floor.  Since Mr. Hedin and I aren't interested in a huge house, a full story addition didn't make sense.  Instead, we decided to go up with a small 'master suite' that will take advantage of the view - and give us a little separation from the rest of the house.  

Creating a totally new space is overwhelming.  Luckily we have a fabulous architect, David Coleman, who designed a petite master suite that we are so excited to start building. 

Ali Hedin | Party House Master Bed Inspiration

Since it's a totally new space, there aren't little sketches of what we are changing or adjusting.  It's just new.  


What we asked for was a bright bedroom that wasn't huge.  I'm not into the grand "master suite" type space with french doors and a separate sitting area.  And since the rest of our house is a modest size, a giant master would have been out of place.

What would you look for in a master bedroom?  Are you a large space person? I'd love your thoughts!

xoxo, ali