back to school + portobello burger recipe

Ali Hedin | Back to School with a Portobello Burger

Hooray!  Hooray!  The kids are going back to school!  I am ready for them to have something to do everyday that doesn't require me entertaining them. I have usually had help so I can do my own work projects while the kids are home.  This summer I figured the kids were old enough, had things going on, and we didn't need help.  


It has been a long summer of entertaining children and not exactly working.  Things really fell off.  I missed this.  I missed you.  I missed working and creating.  I cannot wait for these little people to GO BACK TO SCHOOL already.

To celebrate (it makes them feel special, not just a celebration for me) I created a healthy version of our favorite dinner featuring Portobello Burgers + Dry Zero Sugar Cola.    

Ali Hedin | Back to School with a Portobello Burger

All summer we have eaten more burgers than it seemed possible in one summer.  We'd go to someone's house - burgers.  We went to Chelan - burgers.  We couldn't figure out what else to eat - burgers.  No one wanted to cook inside - burgers.  

When we start going back to school, I try to make things a little healthier.  My family isn't a huge 'mushroom family' because Mr. Hedin and I aren't the biggest mushroom eaters.  But I am trying harder to make sure my children have eaten everything.  Portobello mushroom caps are a great start.  They have a meaty flavor and texture that is simple for "newbies" to get into.  I layered mine with guacamole + Swiss cheese which also helps for people who haven't had much exposure to mushrooms.  

Ali Hedin | Back to School with a Portobello Burger

Portobello Burger

serves 4


Marinade the mushrooms in white wine, balsamic, oil, and garlic.  Let rest 10-15 minutes.  (15-20 mins)



Grill the mushrooms on either a hot barbecue or a grill pan.  Continue to baste with remaining marinade. Toast the buns while you’re at it.  5-6 mins



Top each mushroom with a piece of cheese and let melt.  



Add tomato slices, guacamole, and lettuce.  Serve hot. 


4 large portobello mushroom caps

½ cup white wine

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 cloves garlic, grated

4 leaves iceberg lettuce

4 slices Swiss Cheese

½ cup guacamole

1 beefsteak tomato, sliced

4 brioche buns

Ali Hedin | Back to School with Portobello Burger
Ali Hedin | Back to School with a Portobello Burger

Is anything more natural than a burger and a cola? But if you're making changes to your burger - why not make your cola a little healthier too?  DRY - my very favorite soda company in the whole wide world - has come out with new colas!  I paired my burger with the basic DRY Zero Sugar cola and it was perfect.  Not only do the new Dry Zero Sugar Colas not have sugar, but they are organic.  It's also not shabby with a little whiskey...

Ali Hedin | Back to School with a Portobello Burger

How are you celebrating the kids going back to school?  A little mothers brunch?  Cocktails at noon?  Let me know! 

Sponsored by DRY Soda