Oscar Popcorn Party + the easiest popcorn bars

Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party

Watching the Oscars is so fun. So glamorous. So exciting to see who will win! I haven’t seen many of the movies - unless you count the animated series where I am literally rocking the category! It never seems to matter to me if I do know any of the movies; I love seeing the stars in their gowns, the beautiful jewelry, and all of the glitz.

When Pearl was three I had the Oscars on and she came and sat beside me. She was enamored with the same things I am - the glitz, the glamour, the spectacle. Practically one minute into it, she declared “I’m going to be up there one day.” Who knows if that will ever be true. But isn’t that what we all dreamed of as a little girl? Getting to walk a red carpet in a stunning, custom made gown, loaded with gorgeous jewels and drinking champagne?

It’s no movie star party without popcorn. All of the popcorn. I could literally make this my dinner. And I have - on occasion - made popcorn my dinner! This is the night to take popcorn up a notch with every mix-in you can find.

Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party
Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party
Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party
Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party

There’s a simple way to host this party - make a popcorn bar! You can even do this for just your little family - the kids will think it’s a real kick. If you’re making this for the kids, then choose toppings that they will like. But if you’re doing it for a crowd, you can get a little more interesting and daring. Unless your kids are daring? Mine are not. Mine would pick only the candy and nothing salty or savory, but I cannot recommend enough adding bacon bits. And wasabi peas. And toasted pecans. OMG they are so good!

Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party

Here’s the ultimate (and incomplete) list of popcorn mix-ins:

  • Mini Chocolate Chips

  • Toasted Pecans

  • Wasabi Peas

  • Bacon Bits

  • Rasinettes

  • Crumbled Butterfingers

  • Goldfish Crackers

  • M’n’M’s

  • Crushed Oreo Cookies

  • Mini Marshmallows

  • Parmesan Cheese

Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party

What movies are you rooting for? I’ve only seen a few so I’m not really in for the movies. I’m in for the popcorn and the gowns. Tell me how you celebrate! Are you a fancy gowns type party person or a sweat pants type person? Can’t wait to hear!

Ali Hedin | Easy Popcorn Oscar Party
Ali Hedin | Oscar Party &  Simple Popcorn Bars


These are basically like Rice Krispie Treats but with popcorn which makes them delicious and - in my opinion - better than your basic Rice Krispie Treat. Sprinkled with a little salt over the top they are EPIC. There are no tricks, no secrets, etc. It’s just easy.

4 tablespoons butter

10 ounces marshmallows

1/2 cup un-popped popcorn


In an air popper, pop the popcorn until totally popped. Let cool.


In a pan, melt together butter and marshmallows over medium heat until totally melted.


Combine the popped pop corn and the marshmallow mixture until totally coated. Spread in a greased 9x12 pan and pack in a little bit but don’t push too hard. You don’t want to break the popcorn. Let rest about 1 hour until cooled completely. Cut and serve.

Ali Hedin makes easy Popcorn Bars (+ recipe!)