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Happy Birthday

My favorite kind of birthdays are the ones where I don't have to plan anything.  And that's what happened this Saturday for my birthday.  Mr. Hedin made amazing steak tacos with grilled hatch peppers, my children went shopping with me with limited complaining, and the Huskies won.
Bookalicious :: Trophy Cupcakes & Parties

Jud turned two last week.  TWO!  I'm not sure when that happened or how he got so old so fast, but there it is.  He's two.  For his birthday he asked for a "Woody Hat Cake."  We're obsessed with Toy Story right now.  I spent a few days brainstorming how on earth I would make a cake that looked like a hat.  Then I went to the cake shop and asked that gal.  She had no ideas either.  And no pan shaped like a cowboy hat.  

So I chickened out.

I turned to my friend Jennifer Shea's new book and decided to try her chocolate cupcake recipe.  And then I jammed a tiny Woody hat on top of one of the cakes.  He was thrilled.

If you're looking for a book with amazing cupcake recipes + a few darling parties, you should absolutely check out Jennifer's book :: Trophy Cupcakes and Parties ::  it comes out next month!!  If you live in Seattle, you should go buy her cupcakes in the store so you know how fabulous the cupcakes will turn out.

Trophy Cupcakes & Party Website
Preorder the Trophy Cupcakes & Parties Book 

P.S. Mr. Hedin does not love dessert.  He took one bite of this cupcake, looked up at me and said "These are amazing."  Amazing people.  Amazing.

As Seen In :: 425 Magazine Ice Cream Social

Last year, for Judson's first birthday, we hosted an Ice Cream Social in our backyard.  For a summer birthday, an Ice Cream Social is a charmingly simple way to entertain.  The party is featured in this month's issue of 425 Magazine that's available on newsstands in Western Washington now - or your iPad!  

The only 'over the top' thing that I did was created cakes in pointy ice cream cones.  The recipe + instructions are in the magazine!  

Happy Birthday Brittney!

Today is my sister's birthday.  Last year, we hosted a sit down dinner for thirty people at my house to celebrate her 30th.  This year we have something fun cooked up as long as it doesn't rain...  

Happy Birthday Brittney!

Happy Birthday Mr. Hedin

Today is Mr. Hedin's birthday.  I can't tell you how much I love him, or appreciate him, or adore him because it would probably make you gag.  But I am blessed to have such an amazing man to share my life with.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hedin!

P.S. We're going to the Space Needle for dinner tonight!  I haven't been since I was just a kid, but it was Lars's idea and it seemed like a great one.  Have you ever been a tourist in your own town?

Pearl's Pink Party

Pearl turned three this month and we celebrated with a charming little party.  She loves pink - like to a weird obsession - but what ever.  I assume she'll grow out of it one day.  Until then, viva la pink.

We hired a songleader to entertain the children and she was amazing.  We had cake, balloons, tiaras to color, and candy necklaces.  All in all, it was everything she loves best.  Pearl seemed to dig the bubbles too.

Happy Birthday Princess P!

Happy Birthday Pearl

Today is Pearl's third birthday.  I'm not sure when that happened, but she is an amazing girl.  Here are three reasons why she is so amazing ::

1. Her favorite color is pink.  No matter what I try to convince her otherwise, everything must be pink.  She almost lost her mind when she saw a girl with pink hair.  I've never known her to be at a loss for words, pink hair rendered her speechless.

2. She's silly.  She gets jokes, she likes to tease her brothers, she is a goof.

3. She will eat almost anything and would prefer grown-up food.  She likes sushi, salami, olives, and any and all cheese.  But she does not like "fizzy" drinks.

Happy birthday Princess P!

Lars's Art-tastic Birthday Party

Lars turned five earlier this month and we hosted a charming little art party at the fire house to celebrate.    I highly recommend this party for anyone who has to host a crowd of kids and wants to do something fun.  Each child got a small canvas when they walked in the door that we wrote their name on the back of.  They lined up at little tables and painted to their hearts content.  Most of them turned out amazingly awesome little 'modern art' pieces.  A few were not.

Happy Birthday Lars!