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Ali Hedin loves the color yellow

Yellow and I have a special sort of love/hate relationship.  We're both bright, fun, and energetic.  However we just don't get along very well.  When I try to wear yellow, it rejects me utterly and entirely.  It crushes my sprits and makes me feel unattractive - like a bad boyfriend would do.  And like a bad boyfriend, I just can't shake it.  

I've figured out the secret to yellow - small doses around the house.  And possibly in jewelry.  But never by my face and never in massive amounts.  So still, a lot like a bad boyfriend.  

Ali Hedin loves yellow
Ali Hedin loves Yellow

I'm planning a few yellow 'pops' for the Party House (let's agree to never say 'pops' again too) because it is such a great way to add life to a space.  How do you use yellow?  Do you use yellow?  Is it restricted to your lemons for a cocktail?

Ali Hedin loves Yellow
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