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Parker Palm Springs via SugarBuzz

Parker Palm Springs via SugarBuzz

Perhaps the most significant spot in the house is the bar.  I know the kitchen is the heart of the home and blah, blah, blah.  But I guarantee that the minute guests come over they are going to pop over to the bar and grab a drink.  Which means, this is the most significant part of the house.

When we first started designing the house with the architect we mentioned that we wanted a bar of some sort.  Originally, we looked at a space near the kitchen.  We just wanted a second sink and a little fridge near some cabinets for booze and glassware (I have a growing collection of vintage barware that needs to be seen!)

Ali Hedin | Weeknight Bar Inspiration

The architect came back to us with a different idea - way far away from the kitchen - and it's brilliant.  The new plan is to have a bar built in near the fireplace.  Perfect for cocktails before dinner - cocktails after dinner  - or cocktails instead of dinner.

I want this little nook to be cool and different from the kitchen and living room.  Both of those spaces will be super basic and this seems like it's screaming for something a little bit "more."  The minute I saw the bench that Sarah Sherman Samuel and Emily Farnham installed in Mandy Moore's house I was obsessed and started stalking down terrazzo designs.  

Sarah Sherman Samuel | Instagram Image
Emily Farnham | Instagram

I adore terrazzo and we know we can't afford total terrazzo floors, but I can probably afford a small terrazzo countertop!  Can you believe how cool this bench is?  Wouldn't it be the best countertop?  Stay tuned because I have to convince Mr. Hedin that it's a great idea...


Because this is a small space, I clearly won't get the entire collection of bar ware loaded into here.  But I want to be able to display some of the goods - probably seasonally?  And I want to not see the booze all the time.  This will be in the middle of the living room and I don't want to look like a total alcoholic.  I've sketched up an idea for an upper level cabinet that will hide the bottles and leave some display space above.  I'm not sure what I think about it.  I still need to have the standard bar ware over here - the glasses we use regularly - and I'm not sure where those live just yet.  

Oh the drama.  Don't I wish all of my life decisions were as hard as "where do I store glasses in the bar."   Let me know what you think!  What would you do?

xoxo, ali


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