National Cheese Burger Day | Bloody Mary Burger

Ali Hedin | Bloody Mary Burger

Today is National Cheeseburger Day! I have some obsessions with burgers. Good ones. I’ve loaded quite a few onto my app - Weeknight Society - that are easy to cook and total crowd pleasers. If I hadn’t eaten my weight in burgers this summer, I might be slightly more excited for burgers.

Ali Hedin | Bloody Mary Burger

But then there’s the Bloody Mary Burger. This is one burger that I haven’t eaten too many burgers to still eat. I love this burger. You will love this burger. Especially if you are going to a football game this weekend - serve this burger with a Bloody Mary on the side and you’ll be the hit of the party!

Ali Hedin | Bloody Mary Burger

Bloody Mary Burger

serves 4


Combine the meat with the spices and mix it all together.



Form into four even sized patties and grill until cooked through.



Mix together mayo, horseradish and tabasco in a bowl. 



Smear bottom of bun with mayonnaise. Top with cooked patty.  Then cheese, pickles, asparagus, lettuce, bacon, and celery sticks.  Add a little more sauce to the top and then the top bun.  



2 lb ground beef

2 tbs worchestershire sauce

2 tbs ground celery seed

1 tbs paprika

1 tsp salt

1 tbs pepper

1 tbs ground mustard

2 tsp tabasco sauce

2 cloves grated garlic


2 pickles, sliced

12 spears Pickled asparagus

2 stalks Celery sticks, sliced thin

1 head Iceburg lettuce

4 strips cooked Bacon

4 slices Swiss cheese


¼ cup Mayonnaise

1 tsp Horseradish 

4 shakes Tabasco sauce

Ali Hedin | Bloody Mary Burger
Ali Hedin | Bloody Mary Burger